If your surgery center had to cancel your total knee or total hip replacement surgery due to COVID-19, you should reschedule it as soon as possible.

Almost 84 percent of elective orthopedic procedures in the U.S. have been delayed or canceled because of coronavirus. However, most surgery centers are performing procedures at this time. Did the pandemic affect your hip, knee or shoulder replacement or spinal fusion? These next few weeks could be the perfect opportunity to schedule your procedure.

Will My Surgery Center Close Again?

There are many uncertainties related to COVID-19, and it is impossible to predict the course the virus will take. Because surgery centers are open now, you should call today to schedule your procedure. Delaying that call could mean you may have to wait much longer.

How Can I Reach My Doctor?

Your surgery center may be seeing fewer patients, but you can still contact the office to leave a message for your surgeon. If you have a routine orthopedic problem, you may call the office and speak to a nurse. Some surgeons may offer telehealth, where you can talk to your physician virtually and describe your symptoms.

What Can I Do While I am Waiting for Surgery?

If you are waiting for total joint replacement surgery for your knee, hip or shoulder, you can try some of these treatments at home:

  1. Alter your activities to avoid putting stress or strain on the affected joint.
  2. Limit climbing stairs, walking long distances or lifting heavy objects.
  3. Apply heat or ice to the joint.
  4. Take anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce swelling and pain.
  5. Try to do light exercise to preserve movement in the affected joint.
  6. Talk to your doctor about getting an injection of corticosteroid into the sore joint to control pain until you can reschedule your procedure.

Call your doctor today about rescheduling your total joint replacement surgery or orthopedic procedure. You will benefit from increased mobility and better quality of life, so do not delay in contacting your surgery center.