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One of the most rewarding facets of being part of the DisposeRx family is meeting people from across the country who are committed to help those suffering from substance use disorder as well as prevent addiction. Their passion, dedication and perseverance are nothing short of astonishing. We meet many of them through our Community Outreach program and are truly honored to cross their paths and support their efforts.

Over the years a number have become great advocates and champions of our product, connecting us with people and organizations who appreciate and share our mission.

“Reducing the supply of unwanted or unused opioids is one of many strategies and is something every community can and should do to prevent opioid diversion,” said Andi Williams, Executive Director, Community Outreach and Development for CIC. “Everyone can play his or her part—whether it’s organizing drug take back days or pharmacists providing consumers with education on safe disposal.”

Andi learned about DisposeRx at a conference in 2019 and contacted us through our Community Outreach program. She then shared information about the DisposeRx program with one of her task force members, Dr. Gail Granowitz, who is also an anesthesiologist at Short Hills Surgery Center.

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